FATTA MAN (roughly translated to GET IT, MAN) is a project most known in Sweden for its ambitious work with culture, music and media to reach and activate young men, to engage in the struggle against sexual violence. The premise for our work is that destructive masculinity norms are a social and cultural construction, something we can change.

The project, initiated by our ”mother organisation” FATTA together with the organisations MÄN (Men for gender equality) and Make Equal, was active during 2014-2017. Funding came from Arvsfonden.

Most of the work in the project was of course in Swedish, but some of the films and materials is available in english. During the project period we also did presentations in english in Paris, Washington, Helsinki and Oslo. If you want representatives of the project to attend your event, requests should be directed to the organisations above.

FATTA MAN + Adam Tensta, sur le thème ”Nouvelles masculinités” à L’Institut Suédois, le 23 Novembre 2016. Photo © Vinciane Verguethen/voyez-vous.

Films and other materials available in english
These fictional short films have english translation available on YouTube:
”No one can win”
”The joke”
”Little Spoon”
”I don’t want to fight”

The lyrics for the song ”IT STARTS WITH ME” by Adam Tensta, Erik Rapp, Zacke and Parham also have english translation on YouTube.

We also made a film with facts regarding sexual crimes in Sweden with english subs available on YouTube.

The discussion materials IT STARTS WITH ME are translated to english, available here.

The curriculum for high school and college students that sums up our work is available in english at detborjarmedmig.utrymmet.se.

One of the project managers in FATTA MAN, Svante Tidholm, did a Ted X Talk on the theme of how to change masculinity norms, available here.